Portrait By Aimee Highley

Hey! I’m Samara, aka The Gem City Mama! I moved to Dayton, OH shortly after meeting my husband in 2016. While I was familiar with Dayton I was more of a Cincinnati girl at the time as I grew up closer to there in one of the numerous rural towns near there. My professional background is in Merchandising and Retail management so I love unique spaces, have an eye for aesthetics and run a pretty tight ship at home. We have two girls Charlotte (10) and Freya (3) as well as two spoiled house cats. We live in a suburb of Dayton and enjoy the fact we get to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and slow, simple living of the country. While I’m not being pulled in a million directions as a stay at home mom I work for a direct sales company that specializes in natural hair, skincare and wellness products as well as running my IG account @thegemcitymama and this blog.

Portrait by Aimee Highley

2020 has thrown the majority of us for a loop and with BIG crazy life things like this comes change. I’ve let this space kind of drop to the wayside the past couple years but now that my youngest is a bit more manageable and my oldest is becoming a pre-teen before my very eyes I have a bit more time to focus on the blog again. You’ll be seeing day to day aspects lived out here via recipes, home decor, entertaining ideas and products I love. I promise to always tell it how it is and be open and honest with you all here at The Gem City Mama Blog and look forward to re-launching this for all of you to enjoy!